Fighting Fitness UK Ltd. Online Booking and Judo Class Terms and Conditions.



Our Classes - a safe environment


Whilst Fighting Fitness Judo is dedicated to providing a safe environment for its activities, whether at the club or at an outside venue. I understand that there is always an element of risk of injury to myself and or others taking part and I participate in Judo knowingly and accept all risk. 


I give my permission for first aid treatment to be administered if necessary. If it should become necessary for my son/daughter to receive further medical treatment and I cannot be contacted to authorise this, I hereby give my consent to any medical treatment to be undertaken.


I authorise the coach in charge to sign any document required by hospital or other authorities. Should any of the previously mentioned information change I will notify Fighting Fitness Judo in writing.


I further agree to abide by the Fighting Fitness Judo rules and the rules of the British Judo Association and agree that any breach of these rules will be subject to the *disciplinary procedures of Fighting Fitness Judo.


All of our Judo classes are run by British Judo Association qualified coaches. All coaches are DBS checked, First Aid Trained and undertaken Safeguarding and Protecting Children workshops.


You agree to share any relevant medical information including allergy and intolerance with Fighting Fitness Judo. You must notify Fighting Fitness Judo to any changes in medical health in writing. 


By enrolling to Judo you are agreeing to allow your child to participate in Judo provided by Fighting Fitness Judo and understand the risk of this type of training.


I authorise the provider to use for publicity and advertising purposes, photographs of participants taken at the Club/Activity (please inform Club/Activity Coordinator if children cannot be photographed).


Participation rules:

These rules are written for parents and or guardians to adhere to who have children as participants of Fighting Fitness Judo under the age of 16. Please be aware that some of the expectations are based on club classes and understand that some of them are not possible with our schools classes. Please let us know if you have any questions about them. 


What to wear?

  • It is compulsory for all participants to wear FFJ Judogi (Judo suit), if you are borrowing a Judo jacket from FFJ to begin with, the participant will need to be wearing jogging bottoms and t-shirts. NO jeans, crop-tops, hoods, dresses or loose clothing or clothing with zips/poppers are to be worn.

  • Judo suits are included within the *Fighting Fitness Membership Fee* and will be handed out at your class upon payment.** Club Classes.

  • We have a strict no jewellery, watches, hair clips, shoes and socks policy on the Judo mats.

  • All long hair should be suitably tied back.

  • The participant will need to remove glasses when taking part in Judo, as it is not safe to participate with them on. 

  • All female participants must wear a T-shirt under their Judo jacket.

  • Toe and finger nails must be kept short and clean when taking part in Judo, please note nail polish is not permitted on the Judo mats.


Before class:


  • Please arrive 10 minutes before the start of the participants class and ensure they are ready to participate. We ask all participants to wait off of the mat until we have finished the previous class. 

  • Please encourage the participant to use the toilet before their class to avoid any unnecessary interruptions.

  • No one should ever enter the dojo or go onto the Judo mats without a coach present.

  • We do not allow any food to be taken inside the dojo. We ask that the participants have a water bottle filled up with only water (no fruit juices) and is clearly labelled with their name.

  • Make up (including nail varnish), face paint and any mud should be removed before stepping onto the Judo mats.

  • If you have any specific circumstances or conditions surrounding the participant, we ask that you please provide this information in advance and stated on your child’s enrolment form. This should be to either the coach leading your child’s class or a member of the office staff via email or phone.

  • We understand that the participant may arrive late to a class due to unforeseen circumstances. All we ask is the participant waits for the coach to ask them to join the session, this is purely to ensure it is safe to do so and we can add them to the register. 


During class:

  • Parents and or guardians of children should remain on site when possible. If this is not possible, please ensure we have correct contact details for you in case of an emergency. 

  • We ask for all parents and or guardians to refrain from interrupting classes to speak to the coach or the participant (Coaches will endeavour to make time before/after class or alternatively you can book an appointment with a coach through the office).

  • Please remember that you are responsible for other children in your care spectating the class, please ensure their behaviour is appropriate and does not disturb the class. 

  • To protect all our members, we have a strict NO unauthorised photography and video rule throughout Fighting Fitness Judo Classes.

  • Participants must ask the coach to leave the mat during the session. 


After class:

  • Please ensure you arrive promptly to collect the participant from inside the building at the end of each session.

  • A pattern of late collections will result in a discussion with us and could also result in the imposition of extra charges or stopping the participant attending classes. 

  • We only have capacity to look after the participants on the Judo mat. We do not accept any responsibility for any participant who has finished their class and is waiting without a parent or guardian. 


At Fighting Fitness Judo we strongly encourage a fun safe working environment for all, we therefore ask for your support in helping your child to understand the following behavioural rules:


All participants are expected to:

  1. Always listen carefully to the instruction of the coach.

  2. Refrain from using any equipment or doing Judo unless instructed to do so.

  3. Be polite, patient and wait for their turn.

  4. Be considerate of others.

  5. Refrain from using bad language.

  6. Never take advantage of your partners - Understand that any form of bullying and harassment is not acceptable and will be dealt with immediately using the disciplinary procedure. 

  7. Be good diplomats for Fighting Fitness Judo.

  8. Understand that Judo is never to be done outside of a Judo club without a qualified coach. 

  9. Members should not enter external Judo competitions without approval from the coach. 

  10. All club members must become a member of the British Judo Association by their fourth class. Membership must be kept in date annually.


Club enrolment and cancellation


When enrolling the participant onto one of Fighting Fitness Judo monthly package’s the fee will be taken from nominated bank account on completion of the direct debit form, subsequent payments will be taken from the nominated bank account on the first day of each month. Payments will be taken from our online payment manager ‘Nest’.


Monthly packages are based on Fighting Fitness Judo running classes for 47 weeks of the year (no Judo for 1 week at Easter, 2 weeks in the summer and 2 weeks over the Christmas period). During quieter periods such as half terms and holidays, Fighting Fitness Judo run a Holiday Timetable (please see website for further details). Judo will not run on bank holidays, all participants are entitled to make up the missed class on a different day (suitable to age/ability). 


Fighting Fitness Judo will advise participants on the most suitable class to attend and reserve the right to not allow a participant on to a class if it is not suitable for them (age, size or skill level). This includes participants on the unlimited Judo package. 


Make-up missed classes:


Classes will run for 47 weeks of the year, we appreciate you will be away at some point and may miss some classes. To accommodate this, we offer three opportunities to make up these classes within each year (January to December). Participants will need to give Fighting Fitness Judo at least 24 hours prior notice of any date they are unable to attend. We will then endeavour to re-schedule the participant on to an alternative class.

Please Note:

  • Make up classes cannot be offered retrospectively where 24 hours notice was not given.

  • Unused catch up sessions cannot be re-scheduled or refunded.

  • Only THREE classes can be re-scheduled in any one year unless there are exceptional circumstances.

  • ‘Make up’ classes can be arranged by email:


Severe weather policy – events beyond our control:


In the event of severe weather and/or natural disasters please refer to our Facebook page, where we will clearly indicate if classes are running. Fighting Fitness Judo will endeavour to run all Judo classes if it is safe to do so, it will be your responsibility to asses your circumstances to decide if it is safe for you to travel to and from the class. 


Please be aware that we do not issue refunds for adverse weather conditions, natural disasters and any other situations out of our control. If we do unfortunately need to make cancellations, we will endeavour to make up any lost days and provide an option to attend alternative classes during the closed period.



Cancelling your monthly package: 


You can cancel your child’s monthly enrolment fee at Fighting Fitness Judo at the end of any month by giving a minimum of 30 days’ notice and ensuring any outstanding fees are paid. Once you have notified Fighting Fitness Judo or Nest Management you would like to cancel your monthly package and have covered any outstanding fees we will stop the monthly payment.


Refunds can only be offered where fees have been overpaid due to Fighting Fitness Judo’s error  - all refunds are subject to an £8 administration charge. 



Schools Judo Online booking


  1. I understand that minimum numbers are required to run Judo classes. In the event of the Judo class being cancelled we will notify you immediately. 

  2. I understand that the Judo class is subject to cancellation or alteration in the event of lack of hall space or other factors which may arise that are beyond Fighting Fitness Judo’s control. 

  3. All refunds or overpayments will be subject to an £8 administration fee if cancelled up to 48 hours in advance of the activity taking place. Cancellation within 48 hours of the event taking place will be subject to a 50% charge. Refunds will not be offered once the event has started. 

  4. Payment will be taken from nominated bank account from our online payment system Nest Management. 

  5. Joining the British Judo Association is not compulsory for attending classes within the schools but is compulsory if you wish your child to be graded. By joining the British Judo association you are providing consent, you agree that Fighting Fitness Judo (FFJ) may share information with the British Judo Association to allow them to process the membership and gradings that are necessary for the purposes of our legitimate interests; will not share your information with any other third parties.  

  6. If a participant has been through the disciplinary procedure (see below) and is asked to leave the Judo club due to behaviour, there will be no refund.


*Disciplinary procedure


Fighting Fitness Judo believe’s Judo is for everyone and try to create an inclusive environment for all. Everyone’s safety is paramount to Fighting Fitness Judo, as such we have certain expectations for every participant:


  1. To stay on the Judo mat, listen and concentrate when needed. 

  2. Stop immediately when asked. 

  3. Follow instructions to ensure safety of self and others.

  4. Only perform physical movements on other children within the parameters of Judo and when instructed to by the coach - No Kicking, Punching, Biting, Scratching etc. 

  5. No bullying (verbally or physically)

  6. No swinging belts around at any point (before, during or after class). 


If these or any other unsuitable behaviours observed by the coach during the class they will start to introduce our disciplinary procedure. If the behaviour continues they will escalate the discipline. 


  1. Participant will be asked to stop what they are doing and given a reason. 

  2. Participant will be asked to leave the mat and sit and watch for a period of time. 

  3. If issues 1 & 2 continue over a period of weeks (or an unsafe/bullying incident occurs) a Parent/Guardian will be notified verbally by the coach of the behaviour and ask them to speak to the participant about their behaviour. -The coach will inform FFJ head office. 

  4. If there is not satisfactory improvement the coach will provide head office with a written evaluation of the issues/concerns and how they have dealt with the situation thus far. Head office will forward report and copy of disciplinary procedure to the Parent/Guardian as a written warning that continued inappropriate behaviour will result in the participant being asked not to return to class. 

  5. The participant will no longer be able to take part in Judo classes if inappropriate behaviour continues.


If a participant has been through the disciplinary procedure and is asked to leave the Judo club due to behaviour, there will be no refund offered. 


Due to the dynamic nature and physicality of Judo, FFJudo reserves the right to remove participants with immediate effect if deemed to be putting their own and/or others safety at risk.