The 3 easiest things a beginner can do to improve their Judo (in Tachi Waza).

February 25, 2019

Do you want to feel stronger, be thrown less and throw more?


Let's look at the 3 easiest things you can do as a beginner to improve. 


1. Stance - Whether you are right handed or left handed, standing with the correct foot forward makes a huge difference. Your stance is key for balance, speed of entry, attack and defending. 


If you are right handed you should have the right foot forward, if you are left handed you should have your left foot forward. 


As a beginner avoid a square stance at all costs! Standing in a square stance unfortunately feels really comfortable, but leaves you vulnerable to being thrown both forwards and backwards. 


2. Posture - Head up, squeeze your shoulder blades together (imagine you are trying to squeeze an orange between your shoulder blades), chest out and hands up.


Possibly sounds like the easiest thing to do and yet is the thing that is quickly forgotten.


Posture becomes especially important if you are smaller, weaker or less skilled than your opponent as they will pull your head down and start attacking at will. You will feel like it is impossible to move let alone try and throw them.


3. Grip -  Within Judo there are many different gripping patterns and grips you could possibly take. 


Some basic rules; start with sleeve and lapel. Grip low on the sleeve and high on the lapel. If you are fighting a same sided opponent (right v right or left v left) grip the sleeve first and lapel second. If you are fighting an opposite sided opponent (left v right or right v left) grip the lapel first and the sleeve second. 


Stance - Posture - Grip - Creates structure. Structure will help build strength, speed and confidence. Allowing you to attack more and defend with greater ease. 


If you are a beginner and would like some more basic information, check out Judo basics for everyone. This YouTube video has had nearly 200,000 views and nearly 1 million minutes viewed. Some of the rules have changed within competition Judo but the principles are still relevant. 

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