Difficulties of demonstrating Judo throws as a coach!

June 6, 2018

As a Judo coach I believe it is my responsibilty of teaching the Juniors I work with (in this case Camberley Juniors) the best Judo I can. I am fortunate to still be quite young and able to perform techniques to the class.


One difficulty I find now when I coach (rather than when I competed) is I get very little time to practice my own Judo. This means when I start teaching skipping Ko Uchi Gari and techniques like this I don't have a chance to go through it and practice. A lot of the time the first chance I get to do the technique is in front of the class. I have to recall all of the information which was once taught to me, the mistakes I had made with the technique's and how can I improve and create a more effective learning experience. Coaching then becomes a lot more reactive once the technique has been shown and the class practices, you can notice trends in thier mistakes. Usually this is down to something I have missed out and have to reiterate or highlight.


As I said I am fortunate enough to be able to do this for the time being, but as I get older I must ensure I carve out some time for my own practice. Do other coaches create time for their own practice? For me it is difficult due to the volume of classes I teach a week, but I must remember that in part is still an excuse not to practice!


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