Creating a fun but useful warm up for Judo

June 4, 2018

As a coach the warm up is essential to get right, it's easily overlooked but I find it sets the tone for the session. I try to vary my warm ups quite a lot (you can view my 1 minute warm up on YouTube) although this can be quite challenging at times to be creative and effective! 


A combination of Crab and Bear Football tick a lot of boxes for me as a Judo warm up, once you've raised the heart rate. Judo is a dynamic sport and requires Judoka (participants) to use their whole body when practicing, so it's essential the warm up replicates this. 


Most people are familiar with crab football where the children can only move around in their crab position to try and score a goal using their feet. This forces the children to engage their core, activate posterior chain and build strength/mobility in their shoulders. 


Bear football is essentially the same game but the children have to move around in a bear crawl position and score by throwing it into the goal. Once again this encourages the children to engage their core, activate their anterior chain and build strength/mobility in their shoulders. 


As I mentioned warm ups should be creative and effective. I definitely would not carry out a warm up like this on every session but I do use it as a pick me up if the Judoka are tired (through school, exams, maturation or just life) or not focussed. The children get 'tricked' into warming up properly and have a bit of fun along with it! 


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