Judo in schools

facilitiates self-respect.

Fighting Fitness Judo is one of only a few  Schools Judo providers that is approved by the National Governing Body (British Judo Association) and that use their official grading syllabus. 

Judo in School: 

Fighting Fitness Judo has developed a schools program which successfully builds confidence, teaches respect and self-control, all in a safe and fun environment.

Setting up a new School Judo class couldn't be easier. Contact us today if you are interested in booking Fighting Fitness Judo for your School. 

About us

  • We teach over 700 children Judo each week. 

  • Head Coach Vince Skillcorn is one of the highest qualified coaches in the UK with an MSc in Advanced Sports Coaching Practice.

  • All coaches hold National Governing Body coaching qualifications including First Aid, DBS and Safeguarding certificates.

  • Fighting Fitness Judo is one of the biggest clubs in British Judo.

Judo in School

  • Our schools program is designed to build confidence, teach respect and have fun! 

  • Open to all children (min age 5). 

  • Our Judo Moral Code ensures children understand the responsibility and consequences of learning and taking part in Judo.

  • We offer before and after school classes. 

  • Our before school classes prepare the children for the day ahead, arriving at class, alert and ready to learn.

British Judo approved

  • Fighting Fitness Judo is one of only a handful of approved British Judo Association providers. 

  • All of our gradings are registered through the British Judo Association. 

  • We run the Sho grading system which encourages physical literacy, skill attainment, learning basic Judo techniques and terminology.

  • At Fighting Fitness Judo we provide a pathway from Schools Judo through to Club level and beyond.

What we do

  • We work closely with Schools to find a day and time that suits.

  • We offer an assembly or taster classes to create interest in the new class.

  • There is no admin for the school, we do all of the work. 

  • All enrolments are completed online via our website. 

  • We communicate directly with the parents once their child has enrolled on a Judo class. 

Fighting Fitness Judo's portfolio of Schools

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