FFJudo Schools Gradings

Welcome to Fighting Fitness Judo Schools Sho Grading  Section.

Your child has been working hard within their schools Judo class to learn the skills to necessary to pass their grading and earn their new coloured belt. Our Sho gradings have been developed to create a process driven environment for children, giving them small tasks which include physical exercises, Judo terminology and Judo techniques.

At Fighting Fitness Judo we run all of our gradings through the British Judo Association (BJA). This means all gradings are official and are recorded on the National database. This ensures there is a minimum standard is set and gives the children a 'Pathway' from beginner to blackbelt.

To do this all FFJudo school members must be part of the BJA to be graded with us. Since being awarded Elite Judo Provider status by the BJA we are now able to offer our school members a 'Pathway' membership* at a price of £10 for the year. 

 Register your child for their FFJudo grading in two easy steps? 

Step 1: Register your child with the BJA using the online form below. If you are already a BJA member please skip step 1 unless your membership is out of date.

Step 2: Below the BJA membership box click on grade my child button - Select your child's new grade and which school they attend using the FFJudo shop (below the BJA form) and purchase their new belt..

Be aware the BJA membership and FFJudo shop are two separate websites and you must complete both. No membership = No grading.

What next? 

FFJudo will be notified of your belt purchase and your child will be awarded their new belt in class. Your BJA membership will arrive in the post to you. 

*Please note: Pathway membership are only available to children who only take part in a schools class and the membership is not valid for club members. If a child wishes to move from a schools class to a club class they must upgrade their BJA membership. 

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