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The importance of Rei - Judo Bow

The importance of Rei - Judo Bow

A Judo bow is a fundamental part of learning Judo, learning to bow and when to bow is taught and emphasised on every class.

Rei is a sign of respect and gratitude, for your coach, teammate and opponent. ,

There are two types of Rei in Judo Zarei (Kneeling Bow) and Ritsurei (Standing Bow), both are used frequently throughout a Judo class.

A Judo bow also reminds the children the spirit in which Judo should be practised, with control, without fear and trying their very best at all times.

Win or lose every child has to bow and show their respect to the other person.

From a practical point of view, the Judo bow shows the Judo coach who is listening and ready to practice, once the child hears 'Rei' they should be primmed and ready to undertake the activity which starts at Hajime.

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