• Vince Skillcorn

Reducing the risk of spreading the Coronavirus whilst training sport

Every time I switch on the news there seems to be a new story or alert about the coronavirus and with all of this concern it is important we all stay on top of things.

As of 5th March the UK Government still agree it is safe for most people to go to work, school and take part in everyday life ... including sport ... and of course Judo.

As a Judo club we have placed some small measures to try and maintain a safe environment for all of our members and staff to keep practicing Judo in a safe place.

  1. All of our mats and equipment used will be deep cleaned & sterilised.

  2. Ensure your Judo suit is clean before training.

  3. Ensure all staff and children wash their hands thoroughly before they start training.

  4. Use a tissue for coughs and sneezes and then bin it - we will keep tissues beside the mat.

  5. If you are feeling unwell DO NOT come to training, until you feel better or a medical professional says you are ok to return. Our promise, if you miss training because of feeling unwell we will allow you to make up the sessions you miss on a different night or in the case of prolonged illness, make up on one of our camp days!

As a Judo club we are happy to continue running all of our classes and are only introducing these rules as precautionary measure in a hope to minimise any risk no matter how small.

We advise everyone follows the NHS and Government guidelines and as a club we will also.

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