Child Martial Arts Classes

Is your child ready to be awesome? 

My grandson attends judo & absolutely loves it.

I can’t speak highly enough of Sam & Vince, their rapport with the children is amazing.


My grandson's confidence has grown that he even entered the judo competition which was excellent !!

Sam & Vince are first-class Judo Instructors. - Ms D Johnson


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of our members say Judo has improved their child's confidence. 

At Fighting Fitness Judo we teach Martial Arts to 100's of children every week and we believe everyone has the potential to be awesome

The Beginner Bears program focusses on developing the children's physical skills and harnessing a 'Can-Do' attitude in a fun and safe environment. 

This 'Can-Do' attitude builds confidence, resilience and empowers the child to do their best at Judo, in School and Home. 


Judo is a physical sport involving learning how to throw, fall and defend ourselves when we are on the floor. These physical skills help us develop respect for ourselves and others. Children understand that these skills are only to be used in the dojo. 

Give Judo a try for FREE to see how we can help your child! 

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A few words

From Vince Skillcorn

Head Coach at Fighting Fitness Judo

As a martial arts instructor, there is nothing better than watching children develop first hand. 

But more important than the martial arts skills they learn, are the personal skills they develop and carry for life. 

With every class we teach, your kids are growing in mind, body and character.

That’s because martial arts provide instant positive feedback. Through learning to focus on the core techniques, they develop respect and discipline. They can instantly see and feel a difference, making them destined to build confidence, self-awareness and self-respect.

And of course, it’s FUN!

So please contact us today to find out exactly how your kids can benefit from our fun martial arts classes.

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We all know from little acorns grow great oak trees.
Our aim is to show your child becoming physically fit and strong through Martial Arts is great fun, building this positive relationship with exercise which will follow them through to adulthood. 
Martial arts instruction teaches children about their bodies and how to use it effectively. They learn to push themselves and pursue fitness goals.
Studying martial arts sets children up for good health and a healthy body image that they’ll keep throughout their lives.

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