Fighting Fitness Gradings

FFJudo gradings are designed to improve technical knowledge, physical skills, and application within randori and competition. 


This design means everyone will find certain sections easy and other sections challenging, teaching perseverance and a 'can-do' attitude are the most important attributes to progressing to the next grade. 


We believe this best prepares them for future success, whether it be going into competitions, achieving their black belt or just life in general! 




Below are all the 'Mon' grade sections for you to view and a downloadable PDF. Kyu grades are expected to complete 3 Mon grades to achieve their next grade. 


We are still aiming to upload every grade into a video format on our website to make the whole grading process easier for our students. 


You will be able to find some of the techniques on Vince's YouTube Channel - Link here. 

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1st Mon - 2nd Mon