FFJudo Fight Night

Date: Friday 10th May 2019 

Time: 5.30pm - 8pm

Venue: Goldsworth Primary School

Cost: £10

This is a great opportunity to put in to practice everything you have learnt in class. The purpose of the ‘Fight Night’ is to introduce a competitive scenario in a safe & friendly club environment. Each event may have a slightly different challenge theme, (rather than being a straight forward contest) to encourage use of a variety of techniques. Competition helps learning & the development of skill, we hope these events will provide a new element of fun and challenge to everyone’s Judo journey. We will aim to put everyone in to small groups of similar age, weight & experience (to the best of our ability and subject to entries), and all competitors will receive a certificate. Parents are encouraged to stay, watch and support (or help). 

Groupings - Children will be grouped to the best of our ability on weight, age and experience based on entries received. If we feel we cannot suitably group your child we will offer a full refund, no other refunds will be offered for this event. 

To ensure the event runs smoothly and to time we will limit the entries to 50 children on a first come first serve basis (no spots will be reserved). To sign up for the fight night please click on the link below.