What does every person new to Judo need to know? Here is a great area where you can watch videos, read articles and ask questions about Judo! We hope it helps and if you have any questions then make sure you let us know! 

How to wear your Judogi and tie your Obi.


Your Judogi (Judo uniform) must always be clean for training and competition. Your trousers must be tied tight, and jacket must be crossed left over right. Your Obi (belt) must be tied around your waist. Here is a useful video to show you exactly how. 

Thinking about starting Judo? Have Questions? Fighting Fitness Judo can help


Is Judo a Martial Art?


Judo is a Martial Art and an Olympic Sport, which means it has the best of both worlds! Judo was created as a physical, mental and moral teaching. Our Judo classes still try to embody this philosophy. Physical: We aim to advance a child’s physical ability improving strength, co-ordination, spacial awareness, agility and general body awareness. Mental: Challenges are regularly set on our class to test the children’s ability to overcome difficulties, problem solve, focus on processes and understand that to succeed in any task they have to keep trying. Moral: The Judo moral code (respect, self control, modesty, honour, honesty, friendship, courage and courtesy) is at the forefront of everything deliver.


What age can my child start Judo?


At Fighting Fitness Judo the minimum age to start Judo is 5 years old. We are guided by our governing body’s (British Judo Association) recommendations and they provide membership, insurance and allow gradings from the age of 5. In additional, safety of our participants is paramount, children need to be able to listen and concentrate for the full 45 minutes.


What does my child need to wear?


When you bring your child to their first Judo class it is important that they are comfortable! We recommend wearing tracksuit bottoms or leggings (not shorts) and a t-shirt. Most Judo clubs (Fighting Fitness Judo included) will lend a Judo jacket and belt for the first few classes, this enables your child to try Judo (without the commitment of buying a new Judo suit) and protects their clothing. You are not allowed to wear shoes on the judo mats (Judo is practiced bare foot), so footwear is not an issue. If your child has a verruca (or any other foot issue) you would be allowed to wear a sock on the affected foot. In the interest of health and safety children must remove all jewellery, long hair must be tied back, no metal in hair bands or hair clips, finger and toe nails must be cut short and glasses must be removed when taking part in Judo.


Will my child get hurt?


Like any physical activity there is always a risk of injury. BUT over 200 countries and approximately 40 million people take part in Judo all over the world, which shows it must be safe and enjoyable. Judo is different from other sports for many reasons, it requires the participant to try and throw their opponent around a matted area, which initially sounds dangerous but from the first class children are taught fundamental movement skills and how to fall safely which significantly reduces the risk of injuries. A side note: from a personal viewpoint I have found learning how to fall safely has been extremely beneficial, not just for judo, not just for sport, but also for those clumsy moments in everyday life! Along with learning new skills and falling safely we also teach children the Judo moral code (listed above) which enables children to understand the significance of their actions and the consequences if they do not use control whilst practicing Judo. Respect is the biggest part of Judo!


Is Judo suitable for girls?


100% yes, Judo is for everyone! Girls and boys both take part and enjoy the sport, the games, lessons learnt and friendship made. Throughout the sport both boys and girls are given equal opportunities to progress and improve. In Great Britain, senior women have out performed men at elite level international competitions over the last decade. Go girls!


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