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Beginners to Black belts - We have a class for you! 

Welcome to Fighting Fitness Judo

Fighting Fitness Judo runs 3 different types of adult judo classes across the week which are suitable for all levels. Each class offers a slightly different focus but maintains the core values of the sport.

  • Traditional judo class - Monday

  • No Gi judo class - Tuesday

  • Ne-waza (ground techniques) judo class - Thursday

Read more about each class below: 

Monday 7:30pm - 8:30pm - Judo Class


Monday’s judo class is a more traditional class in the sense we learn both standing and ground techniques but is tailored for the level (technical and fitness) of the group. Similar to the children’s classes you will work through a grading syllabus and work through your different coloured belts.


Tuesday 7:15pm - 8:15pm - No Gi Judo Class


This is completely new and something we’ve been looking forward to running ever since opening our brand new dojo. Similar to our regular judo class we will practice standing and ground techniques but with a twist. People will wear shorts (or leggings), a T-shirt and a judo belt, the techniques and rules will be adapted from our traditional judo rules to have a fun and challenging class.


Thursday 7:15 pm - 8:15 pm - Ne-waza (groundwork) Judo Class


Worried about being thrown? Our Thursday class could be the class for you!


The focus will be on the ground element of judo learning how to move and defend yourself from the ground. By removing the throwing element of judo will enable you to build confidence in your ability, build strength and enjoy judo from the safety of the ground. It is also a great place to learn how to fall (without being thrown) and progress onto one of our other classes in your own time (if you wish).

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Stop searching you are in the right place!

Are you ready to:

🎯 Prioritise your Health?

🎯 Build Confidence?

🎯 Improve your Fitness?

🎯 Meet like minded People?

🎯 Learn new Skills?

Are you looking for a new challenge? Did you try judo when you were a child? Want to learn some self-defence skills? 

There are so many good reasons why people want to start judo (too many to mention), but there are also many reasons why people think judo is not for them- we've heard every excuse in the book

👴👵 I’m too old …


Well we believe people of all ages can enjoy judo … don’t take our word for it have you heard Becky’s story? Starting judo at 50 years old and achieving her black belt by the age of 60 her story is truly inspiring.


💪 I’m too unfit …


Judo is a great workout. Both physically and mentally. Classes are structured to allow people to develop at their own pace. Judo teaches you how to use all of your body, improving coordination, strength and fitness.


As well as getting the physical benefits of training a martial art, judo offers a unique mental workout, having to solve problems in real-time. It engages your mind in a way that you forget the stress of the day or other worries and are focused entirely on being ‘in the moment’.


🤕 I might get injured!


Our classes are based on developing new skills, techniques and physical attributes. All members are eased into randori (sparring) and the practice is taken at your own pace, with our main focus on ensuring everyone is able to get up for work in the morning or take the kids to school!


🥋 I don’t like fighting.


Judo is a great self-defence, but the focus is not fighting. Judo actually translates to the gentle way and it’s based on teaching principles of movement, balance and body control. The idea is to be able to use your opponents' strength and energy against them.

You can have confidence in Fighting Fitness Judo


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