Calm. Balanced. Strong.

Judo harnesses cheeky energy.

Inspires your child with confidence.

Creates compassion among children.

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Strengthening; bodies, minds and families.

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Judo, hails from Japan. This expression of martial arts focuses on throwing techniques from standing position, and holding techniques on the ground.


Judo is a sport that trains body and mind.

Vince and Sam offer years of elite level competition and coaching experience. At Fighting Fitness Judo we cater for beginners through to advanced competition level, with programs for 5 year olds to 90 year olds! Judo is for all!  |  Tel: 07736 940 832

Goldwater Lodge, Wishbone Way, Goldsworth Park, Woking,, Surrey, GU21 3RW

Fighting Fitness Judo is one of the biggest Judo clubs in the UK and is a British Judo Association approved provider.

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